Story Room is a mental health clinic in Delhi-NCR, India. Nanki Oberoi, a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist founded this psycho-therapeutic service in association with The Bitty Oberoi Foundation, an organisation developed to promote mental health awareness and advocacy. Story room provides interventions for individuals, children, adolescents and families facing varied mental health conditions causing emotional distress. Inspired by a developmental approach to mental health, Nanki integrates psychodynamic and attachment-based concepts within a systemic framework in her clinical work with individuals and families. Story room offers both short and long term psychotherapy.

Story room is underpinned by the philosophy that ‘We all have mental health’, implying that therapy can help not just those distressed but can prove to be instrumental in enhancing emotional well-being for all. It respects the subjective experience of distress unique to each individual based on his/her personal life story.

The body and mind must constantly work in sync with each other as we grow across our lifespan, propelling us to thrive. Emotional well-being impacts everything in our lives – our family and relationships; academic and work performance as well our physical health. Mental fitness, thus, is as crucial as physical fitness to foster overall well-being. Emotional distress can at times interfere with our mental fitness due to unexpected stressors or life events, becoming untold stories carried within us. These continually impact our interactions with self and others, and negatively impact our mental health and well-being.

Story Room works with concerns such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, family difficulties, work and academic struggles along with other interpersonal concerns. The therapeutic process involves the patient and therapist working together to explore the potential roots of their difficulties, gradually moving towards improvement and enhancement of mental well-being.


Nanki Oberoi is the recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship Award granted by the UK government to exceptional leaders from varied disciplines across the world. The scholarship enabled her to pursue further training as a child and young person psychologist and psychotherapist at University College London and The Anna Freud National centre for children and families. She has previously completed a Master of Arts in Psychology from the University of Delhi and has graduated with a bachelors (honors) in psychology from The Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.

Nanki began her clinical journey at Children First India with an internship during her first master’s program, before joining them as a Developmental Psychologist for children facing neurodevelopmental difficulties such as autism and ADHD. Moving to School Counselling, she joined the Shiv Nadar School as a Counselling Psychologist for children and adolescents in middle and senior school. She established The Bitty Oberoi Foundation (TBOF) in 2014 in memory of her mother, a pioneer and national awardee in the area of school mental health, to promote the cause of positive mental health and well-being for all.

Nanki founded Story Room, a mental health clinic in association with TBOF. She is deeply inspired by the work of her mother and wishes to work towards developing regulations for school mental health practices. Pursuing an MSc. Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology, her training at The Anna Freud centre skills her for psychodynamic psychotherapy with individuals, though she derives inspiration as a clinical interventionist from a more integrated approach, applying cognitive, behavioural, psychodynamic and attachment theory principles within systemic frameworks.

Though working as a psychologist and psychotherapist is central to her work, she is extremely passionate about mental health awareness. Aiming to create the distinction between mental health and mental illness, she is guided by a philosophy that We all have mental health, which aims to normalise the range of negative experiences in individuals. She is equally vehement in promoting the cause of supervision and self-therapy amongst psychotherapists as crucial ingredients to ethical practice of the psychotherapeutic profession, a feature currently unregulated in India. She likes to works with children and young people, and adults up to the age of 30 years.

As a researcher, she derives inspiration from her clinical work to inspect pertinent areas which she comes across in her consulting room, specifically school mental health, the impact of technology and social media on psychological development, gender and sexuality specifically amongst adolescents and concerns of the differently-abled. She believes that many goals of education in children overlap with goals of optimal psychological development, and hopes to collaborate with educators, parents and other mental health professionals in exploring this endeavour. Grief psychology and grief counselling is another area that she writes about and continues to explore through her clinical work. She wishes to continue pursuing training for contemporary forms of psychotherapy along with pursuing training in trauma work.

She enjoys writing on mental health, alongside reading. She also loves doodling and considers regular exercise as a crucial ingredient to her own mental health.

Nanki is a registered member of The British Psychological Society.